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Supported URLs for video embedding

How does video embedding work? A link to a YouTube video, where the link text is the same as the href (typically a bare URL, but it can also be done using Markdown syntax) will be converted to an ...
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Editing a summary with quote markup

As you thought yourself already, when you're summarizing an article in your own words in contrast to quoting it verbatim, putting the text in quote markup is not appropriate, it's not a quote afterall....
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Please Improve Youtube URL Parsing

All sounds good; fixed in code - available after the next deploy (when the "rev" at the bottom of the screen is higher than "2016.3.23.3373")
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Formatting Sandbox

Testing YouTube URL Embedding Regular Shortened ...
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Formatting Sandbox

Testing Spoilers new line ! spoiler line 1 ! spoiler line 2 (return twice, >! prefix) new line ! spoiler line 1 spoiler line 2 (return once, no >! prefix) new line ! spoiler ...
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Formatting Sandbox

Image Sizing - Same image, different suffix. Full Size Medium Size Thumbnail Small (...
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Formatting Sandbox

Keybord made using HTML and &nbsp; originally from Anime and Manga.SE Esc  F1F2F3F4  F5F6F7F8   F9F10F11F12 `~   1!2@3#4$5%6^7&8*9(0)-_=+<-...

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