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How to deal with inappropriate behaviour from a moderator?

I will certainly not spend any time challenging your specific accusations in any way (and would advise everyone else to do the same). Rather, to concentrate on the actual question buried under this ...
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How do moderator elections work?

It's very nicely addressed in the main meta: When do elections take place? The community team periodically looks at the work load on graduated sites and will reach out to the moderation team if it ...
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Time to say goodbye to moderator position and welcome the new blood

WE WILL MISS YOU BEING BLUE!!! Sorry that this took so long to post, but I am just not able to dedicate the time to this site like I used to. I just had to post something to express my gratitude for ...
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An extra user on the list of moderators

This is an artifact of the status of his accounts being changed from employee to normal user since he recently left SE. For more information on this you can see this Meta-SE Question Its been noted ...
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2015 Community Moderator Election

If I did not read the data wrong, those are the winners of the first M&TV election and our new site moderators: iandotkelly Napoleon Wilson Ankit Sharma Congratulations and the best of luck in ...

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