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What is the policy regarding writing an answer which is borrowed from another Q&A website and given due citation?

I believe there shouldn't be any problem with this, provided you're sensible about it: make sure your answer is more than just a link to the other site. See also Are answers that just contain links ...
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Can we modify the note in the "support for identification questions" meta post to reflect our ongoing policy discussion?

The note is important if it is read. And if the user goes to that meta page. Before that, he discovers his question closed, and a close-reason note. As of today (2024-06-21), when an "...
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What's wrong with this title?

I once had the same feeling when other users tried to edit a post, which seemed trivial. But I asked myself, "What's wrong with the edited post?" and moved on. I think you should ask yourself "What'...
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