I updated our ad image for Science Fiction & Fantasy to the new graduated design using our specific color palette and icons and to the new ad dimensions of 300x250 (or rather 600x500 for high-DPI displays). I made a few changes to the ad, keeping the general idea but moving to a more streamlined design. We proposed it on the corresponding ad proposal ...


Since Anime & Manga just graduated, they also have Community Promotion Ads now. I tried to come up with an ad specific for them and settled for concentrating on the animation aspect, yet of course the kind of animation you can't ask about there. We proposed it on the corresponding ad proposal thread for 2019.


I've been a member here for almost two years. I'm really excited about our upcoming graduation. I have started a movie review blog with a friend of mine. I have added a page and a link back to Movies & TV SE as well as a couple of links to actual questions (of course one had to be a question from @Napolean Wilson). I have also added a blurb that I lifted ...


I made a Community Promotion Ad for Arqade, concentrating on various famous film adaptations of video games or films strongly inspired/related to video games: We proposed this on the corresponding ad proposal thread for 2019.


Coming in and hijacking this old question to state that there is now an official StackExchange app for Google Play iOS


The official Stack Overflow Android app is now in open Beta testing. Details are at: Stack Exchange Android app in beta Blog announcement: Stack Exchange for Android is here!


Not Official but there are various unofficial apps, one of them is Stack Remote (No product placement intended and its not even preferred by me). On main meta, its already been discussed various times here, here and here and might be somewhere else but no official app made yet. There is only a mobile version of the SE site's. Update: Finally we have an ...

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