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Influx of recent low-to-no rep users asking really poor questions

There are various levels of increasingly broad problems of increasing severity you actually adress here and I'll try to look into them step by step. I warn you right away that I can't really back all ...
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Should informal sentences (clutter) be allowed in the questions?

Now first of all, I think you are mixing things up a little here. You are adressing too largely different issues in your question. On the one hand you link to a meta question that concerns the usage ...
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Should informal sentences (clutter) be allowed in the questions?

I'm the one who posted the trailer question. I understand the SE system and I appreciate that Pale Blue Dot was trying to improve the post to follow the rules as they perceived them, for the benefit ...
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Are we too strict with "identify this movie by a single scene" questions?

The whole idea behind this, is that you ask for help with something your vaguely remember. That oftenly means that the person with the question can recall only few details. That said, the effort like ...
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