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Is it possible to recover lost rep from someone else getting on my account and giving it away?

I'm afraid you might be out of luck here. I won't claim to know all the odds and ends of weird events in 10 years of SE history, but I very much doubt there's a way for you to get that reputation ...
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Should Movies & TV SE participate in the 1 reputation voting experiment?

No This answer is provided so people can vote for it if they oppose participating. Some reasons to not participate: Accounts could be created and used to vote and then abandoned. Users who have not ...
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Reputation being 1

Why is that happening? What's meaning of that? Those users you see with 1 rep are actually suspended for a certain time and for certain reason. You will see on profile page of those users a text like ...
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Why am I experiencing Reputation issues?

Your question actually had an additional two upvotes (+10) and two downvotes (-4) [at the time of writing]. So the positive score (1) remains apparently the same but isn't just (+1) it's actually (+3/...
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Do deleted questions affect reputation?

According to this related answer on Meta Stack Exchange the reputation gained from the votes on a deleted post is not removed if it's at least 60 days old and has a score of at least 3. Reputation ...
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If someone's reputations come back to below 15

No, those votes won't be erased. Votes are only erased in case of voting fraud (massively voting on posts from specific other users) and when a user deletes their account. I looked for an ...
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Sudden change in reputation?

I suspect its because you deleted a question with 3 downvotes on it: You can view your reputation changes here: https://movies.stackexchange.com/users/43257/natural?tab=reputation
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Gaming the system ID questions

Generally I don't like this because ID requests are self serving. Rarely do 2 users have the same recollection and there is no grantee that how a self answered ID Request is asked is going to found by ...
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Why do we lose one reputation by downvoting posts?

The motivation behind it is to put emphasis on up-voting or not voting at all. This way, down votes will carry more weight and it will also prevent users from abusing the system by down-voting ...
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