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What information should be included in a Tag Wiki Excerpt for a film/tv series title tag?

The tag wiki excerpt is formally called User Guidance and that is what is should be. In the case of a film or a series, it should give enough information for a user to be able to discern tags for ...
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Can't suggest an edit to a tag wiki: "The edit queue is full at the moment" error message is always shown even if the edit review queue is clear

Thanks for the report - this was also raised and addressed on on SE-wide meta See: It is now impossible to make a suggested edit to a tag-info
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Cannot update tag information

Click on Propose Tag info button under Tag Wiki. You will be redirected to update tag wikis and tag excerpts. If more than 5 edit suggestions are pending, then your edit suggestions will not be taken ...
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Top tags requiring a tag wiki

Top tags without a tag wiki or tag wiki excerpt Do you want to contribute to the community? Do you want to earn some reputation points? You can do both by proposing tag wikis and tag wiki excerpts. ...
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How should the [animation] tag be used? What should we write as tag usage guidance in the tag wiki?

The animation tag wiki excerpt could be something like this. Please let me know if you have any feedback, and feel free to suggest improvements. For questions about the animation process used in ...
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What information should be included in a Tag Wiki Excerpt for a film/tv series title tag?

A tag wiki excerpt should answer two types of questions: Assuming I do not know anything about this movie, what should I know about it that would allow me to now say that I am familiar with it? Or ...
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