I am a moderator on Earth Science Stack Exchange. In September 2019, a colleague moderator on other Stack Exchange sites was dismissed and treated in a way I disagree with. Stack Overflow Inc. publicly accused her of violating the Code of Conduct. She has summarised her take on the situation here. She is now running a gofundme campaign to raise money for legal action on defamation.

I'm a researcher in satellite remote sensing at the Deutscher Wetterdienst in Offenbach, Hessen, Germany. I first came to Stack Exchange for practical reasons: Tex.SE has been of major help when I wrote my licentiate thesis. Since then, I have discovered the joy of many websites. As my network profile will show, I'm interested in travel, outdoor, scientific skepticism, and as my work is related to academia, also in academia and LaTeX.

When using a personal pronoun to refer to me in English, I prefer the pronoun he/him/his. I will not feel offended if you use another pronoun of your choice.

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