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Why was this question heavily downvoted for seemingly "technical" issues?
4 votes

Not everyone that votes add comments, so don't get too caught up on that. Also it's not heavily downvoted, as far as I see it's only 3 downvotes! I can't speak for everyone but I suppose it's because ...

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Weekly Topic Challenge - Ideas
2 votes

Since we're approaching the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020(2021?) the theme could be Olympic Games There are plenty of boxing movies, martial arts, basketball (Space Jam counts...), etc. A full ...

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Experiment: More aggressive review queue indicator
2 votes

Positive It's immediately clear that there are review items in the queue. The previous grey dots were much less visible. There's much more color contrast now, I suppose that will benefit color blind ...

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Answers from another Stack Exchange Site
-1 votes

There should be a way in the system to cross-link questions between stacks. This way if it's fully discussed / answered in another stack we can just mark as "dupe in another stack" and have it linked.

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