I’ve watched (too) many movies and television shows. Unfortunately having OCD makes it a time-consuming addiction that is difficult to quit. I’m considering some day making a list of all of the movies and shows I’ve watched, but that would be more work than actually watching them.

In general, I don’t write reviews because I find it to be frustrating enough to watch them in the first place, let alone spend extra time to write about them. That said, I occasionally do write reviews for shows or movies that I either really love or really hate.

I watch television shows and movies of all genres and dates, but I am not fond of reality-shows because they cheapen the art and work.

These days, I find that most of the movies I watch tend to be in the summer when television becomes "light" because during the TV season, I just don't have the time, what with at least 10 hours per night on average.

Thankfully, when the VLC (VideoLan Client) video-player changed their speed setting so that it only affects the tempo instead of the pitch of the audio, it became possible for me to watch videos at high speed. Now I find it difficult to watch even things I like at less than 130%, let alone junk that I don't want to watch (depending on what it is, I have managed to successfully watch some things as fast as ~210% before it becomes unwatchable!)

I also manage my never-ending, ever-growing list by having things I don't care about running on TV or in the corner of the monitor while I work on other things.

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