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Should lack of research encompass outside sources?
5 votes

In regards to questions on other Stack Exchange networks If the question exists there, can it be asked, here? Yes, but. There is nothing immediately wrong with this, but it does send up flares, to me;...

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what if we use seperate tag for low quality questions?
4 votes

I am against such tags; they would not help, and be of any practical use. Your proposing new tags to help more experienced users fix up poor questions; but the tags don't actually facilitate this ...

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Someone give the best answer to my question, but post it as a comment because the question is protected
3 votes

Write it as a self answer, crediting the original user. If you were to simply copy someone's answer, I can understand why this might seem wrong. However, in this case, the original user has already ...

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Immediately targeted serial un-upvotes
2 votes

As brought up in the comments, it is hard to determine what should be done about this, but as is, there probably isn't anything being activley done. There is no downvoting, here; what you have ...

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