Should the partial answer to How many different endings does the Sholay? be deleted?

I was going to add it to the question but then I thought it could be an answer so I put it as one. But aren't partial answers answers, although not complete?

To me this definitely isn't "not an answer".


I think it fits more into the question as part of the "what have you tried". While giving some valuable information it doesn't really answer the question. You're not going to accept it as it isn't in any way a complete answer. It only encourages a list of answers with each answer adding a single ending and saying "but I think there might be another one", which wouldn't be a good situation (while nothing prevents this from happening anyway, your self-answer really encourages that).

You are asking how many endings there are and a proper answer would list all those in a single answer. Your answer is only a hint to a complete answer and therefore fits more into the question.

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