Should we allow questions that are intended for trivia?


  • Who played _ in __ movie / tv ?
  • How many seasons did _ have?
  • Who produced __ show?
  • What was that movie that had __ (person) in it?

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It is stated in the FAQ that:

Banal trivia that does not add to the understanding or appreciation of the title.

Is considered off-topic.


The examples given were "trivial" enough to be closed.

I tried to edit this question by asking for the significance of the song. The answer was a very good one, because it not only identified the song, but gave the underlying context, about the courtship of a peddler and a girl. I added a comment that perhaps the metaphor could be extended further, to the "courtship" of the Russian and American presidents.

Songs are (usually) put into movies for a reason, and if the question asks for the context/meaning of the song (within the movie) as opposed to "identify" this song, it might be a very good question. Other, non-trivial questions that might "add to the understanding of the title" might be, who played in/produced movie X, followed by "What other movies (or types of movies) did this person play in/produce?"


I think the examples given do not relate so much to the question. The examples could all be googled, most of the time quickly and effectively - it's more of a case of lmgtfy than of being off-topic.

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