A happy new year to all! As done 3 months ago, We would ask the community again to link your favorite questions and answers created from 1st October 2017 to 31st December 2017

You can search all the eligible questions and answers posted the past quarter. Since we got 1.1 k questions and 1.5 k answers in the past quarter, to make your job easier, here are some data queries.

The above ones are only for your hint. Feel free to mention any question or answered you enjoyed. Since this is not a competition, there's no need to mention one question or answer per one answer. Also don't hesitate to mention questions and answers you posted yourself but which you think didn't get the appreciation they deserved.

If you feel one of the answers written this quarter even deserves additional credit in the form of a reputation bounty, feel free to also nominate it in the corresponding answer reward contest.

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All these questions and answers are my favorite ones.

  1. MattD's answer to Is the loudness of a movie in the theater set by the theater or by the publisher/studio? asked by Tyler Durden. Both question and answer are my favorite.
  2. Steelersquirrel's answer to What's the significance of the shooting star in Jaws?.
  3. LevenTrek's answer to Admiral Holdo's tactic in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” - Why is this not used more? asked by chb. Both Q&A are my favorite.
  4. Ankit Sharma's answer to Why is the title “The Karate Kid” when they are using Kung fu? asked by Plexus.
  5. Snow's answer to How are the face cuts done when Dexter takes his blood samples of his victims? asked by Jared.
  6. And last my own answer to the question What is the Supergerm in the Justice League film? asked by Ankit Sharma. It happens to come from a piece of image I remembered.


  1. yuritsuki's question "What's the value of the John Wick gold coins?"
  2. Lars Mekes question "How is Michael Myers bulletproof?"
  3. Nathan Reed's question "Why does the Ark burn the markings off its crate?"
  4. Nog Shine's question "What were the rats eating near the cave?"
  5. Memor-X question "What does Baa-ram-ewe actually do?"
  6. Sudip Biswas question "Two different cameos of Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver?"
  7. Mark Rogers question "Has a major film ever intentionally used live ammunition to film a scene?"


  1. Adam John's answer to "What's the Deal with the Bullets?"
  2. Darth Locke's answer to "How did Hannibal become the type of cannibal he is?
  3. Paulie_D's answer to "Why is there a horse skeleton in the 2005 movie Sahara?
  4. DForck42's answer to "What was the purpose of Saito's presence during the inception job?
  5. ashik's answer to "How does Jeepers Creepers 3 fit in to the timeline?"
  6. userLTK's answer to "Is Doctor Hill a cult member?"
  7. Sudip Biswas answer to "Why is Tommy shooting at the fourth wall?"
  8. Thunderforge's answer to "What makes Die Hard a Christmas movie?"
  9. Charles answer to "Is Bill's son intended to be autistic?"

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