I know identification questions for movies are off topic now.

What about Identifying an actor or actress?

I need to find about an actor in a movie. If I post a question now, is it get answered or closed?

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  • if you want to find an actor/actress in a movie, a quick google search will tell you who exactly he/she is, providing you know the movie name. if not, then this is a breaking point (identify movie(off-topic, so this'll get removed)->identify actor(won't be able to come this far) ) – Vishwa May 22 '18 at 8:39

All identification questions are off-topic for main site.

The close reason is clear.

Identification questions are off-topic, because they tend to attract low-quality and low-effort posts. The community has decided to no longer support these questions. Please refer to this meta post for additional details.

This includes identifying actors also. Even if it gets an answer, it will be closed and will be deleted later.

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    If I recall correctly, actor ID questions were off-topic even before movie ID questions were made off-topic. – F1Krazy Apr 20 '18 at 14:52

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