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I am trying to post a question and it says my question body does not meet the standards

App Version: 1.0.95 Device Manufacturer: samsung Device Model: SM-G530T OS Version: 5.1.1 (G530TUVS2AQE3)
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Link can be submitted in answer, but editing says it's not allowed

So this answer has a link to Hollywood Reporter. His links aren't formatted properly, so when it came up in the review thread I decided to clean it up a bit and tell him how to properly link (he's a ...
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Trouble with meta login

I am having trouble with It won't do automagical login and does not let me login the usual way either. Clicking login simply reloads the page without logging me in. If ...
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Why am I getting notification of my own flag?

Why am I getting notification of my own flag and can't even review it. Is it some new feature? I never noticed it previously. Refer screenshot.
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0 visitors/day as reported on 17 Dec 01:45 hours IST / 16 Dec 20:15 GMT?

This is obviously not true: Has this happened before?
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Font is hard to read

I don't know how else to express this. The font in "wall of text"-style questions is much harder to read than on SO. On SO, the font on posts is so much cleaner. Also, why is italics bold? The font ...
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