Professionally, I am a long time contract software engineer. My other interests include:

  • filmmaking: I have made dozens of personal travel videos, as well as helped produce, storyboard, capture and edit sound, and edit a two hour storyboard animatic for a film club. Also, I have appeared in several Hollywood films as a background actor ("extra") in Untraceable, Leverage, The Hunted, and a participated in a half dozen local projects which no one has heard of.
  • scuba: I am a scuba divemaster with thousands of dives experience; also I have assisted instruction of hundreds of student scuba divers, and led dozens of scuba boat expeditions on the Oregon Coast or in Washington's San Juan Islands.
  • aviation: more than two million miles on commercial airlines, plus private pilot
  • bicycling: I really love getting around by bicycle, often as a commuter, but especially to bicycle in remote locations like near the Oregon Coast, in the mountains, or in Central or Eastern Oregon's wondrous beauty.
  • snow sports: I thoroughly enjoy the Oregon Cascades year round, but winter provides special magic. For eight years I was a (part time) ski instructor.
  • travel: visited at least 34 countries for a lifetime cumulative total of about two years, mostly Europe. There are about 12 U.S. states I have not yet visited.
  • Portland, Oregon, U.S.
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