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365 days out of beta: Where do we stand?

As you might have noticed, this site graduated about a year ago. This might be the right time to look back at the previous year, or even the whole site lifetime, and see how we are doing. This is a ...
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Is there any news about the graduation swag? [duplicate]

As part of the site's graduation over 3 months ago there was promise for certain graduation swag to be delivered to the top users of the site during graduation (the first 2 user pages, that is, i.e. ...
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9 votes
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1111 days in beta: Where do we stand?

I'd like to use the fact that the site is now elevenhundredeleven days old as an opportunity to enquire a little status update from the higher powers, if possible. First of all, while I'm aware that ...
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900 days in beta: Where do we stand?

We have been in Beta for just a little bit over 900 days now, which is 1000% of the minimal required number of days. (I am aware that this is just the minimum, still: impressive) First of all, I am ...
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