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How is this question asked by "Google"?

TLDR: username can be set to anything, so why not "Google", and as pointed out in the comments, the account being greyed out us because Google doesn't have an account on M&TV. The ...
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Suspended accounts - different duration of penalty

You can't really say exactly which actions result in a suspension, let alone how long. There are a variety of behaviours that can ultimately result in a suspension and it's hard to list them all, ...
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5 votes

Removing my closed & locked identify-this- questions

We had set a criteria for removing old Identification questions. Those which meet this criteria are kept but locked. They'll be kept locked to avoid editing and appearing in the question list. From ...
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Can I delete my account on one exchange, but keep my account on all other Stack Exchanges?

Yes, this is possible. Account deletion is per-site, and I even know of several users who've quit one site completely but are still active on others. From this main meta post: If your account has ...
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Since when did Movies & TV SE require registration to post questions and answers, and why was it required?

According to our data the setting was turned on July 9th, 2017 by a former member of the Community Management Team to help mitigate a troll/spam wave that was occurring at the time and never turned ...
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