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11 votes

ID questions about sci-fi or fantasy films

Flags are a bad fit for this. They're expedient if you only expect to migrate maybe a half-dozen questions, ever, but if you expect to migrate "as many as possible" of the 4K+ ID questions ...
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Can this old ID question of mine get migrated to SciFi.SE, please?

When identification questions were discontinued here, not all of them were migrated/deleted. There were criteria for keeping high quality ones that received proper answers as detailed in this related ...
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4 votes

Why was my non-science fiction question moved to Science Fiction & Fantasy?

were identification requests automatically moved to Science Fiction and Fantasy without regard to relevance? No. The process for moving those questions over was the one outlined in this related meta ...
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2 votes

Migrate a question

In general a question belonging on another site is in itself not an appropriate close-reason. The primary question you have to ask is, is it on-topic on this site? Granted, the specific question is ...
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