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What is the policy regarding writing an answer which is borrowed from another Q&A website and given due citation?

I believe there shouldn't be any problem with this, provided you're sensible about it: make sure your answer is more than just a link to the other site. See also Are answers that just contain links ...
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6 votes

Should one-liner ID answers be deleted or improved?

Is there a third approach I've missed? Perhaps not a third way but rather more of a middle way...a selective, targeted criteria. There's a saying on SE/SO..."Don't polish a t_rd"...and a one-line ...
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4 votes

How can this post be salvaged through editing?

I was the moderator who declined the flag. The reason why I did this is really outlined in my answer to this meta question: What is a low quality answer? Personally I don't believe that we should ...
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How can this post be salvaged through editing?

First of all, I was not the moderator who declined your flag and only took a look at that answer after I read this meta question. I would still encourage said moderator to post his point of view, but ...
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2 votes

Why did a moderator decline my VLQ flag for a low-quality, duplicate answer?

I flagged it as VLQ for precisely the same reason. Simply replicating an existing answer may technically meet the requirement for it being 'an answer' (of a sort), but it certainly doesn't meet the ...
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