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Changing tags from [the-fairly-oddparents] to [the-fairly-odd-parents]

It sort of is, and sort of isn't. Officially, the show's name is The Fairly OddParents, with the two words squished together into a single compound word. This makes more sense than it appears to - it'...
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11 votes

We need dynamic titles

Sorry, but this is a really bad solution to a non-existent problem, but fortunately this isn't anything that's even practically possible to get implemented by SE for our little site anyway. First of ...
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9 votes

Could we have a leaderboard saying who got the most reputation in a week on the main questions page? or even monthly? top 10 best reputation earners?

We already do. If you go to the Users Page, the list is sorted by reputation. You can show it for: Week Month Quarter Year, or All time See the image below for what it looks like, it defaults to ...
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6 votes

Italics in titles?

Unfortunately, no. Markdown isn't supported in titles, and this is apparently not something Stack Exchange is willing to change; see Can we get markdown support in Question's `title` field? on ...
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what if we use seperate tag for low quality questions?

I am against such tags; they would not help, and be of any practical use. Your proposing new tags to help more experienced users fix up poor questions; but the tags don't actually facilitate this ...
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